Praxis Pay Features

Praxis Pay offers numerous features making it one of the best and most trusted payment software’s currently on the market. With state of the art technology, Praxis Pay will enable your company to gain maximum profits.


Simple Transaction Distribution

  • Ability to route transactions to different processors
  • Gain worldwide customers with over 100 payment systems
  • Optimize transaction routes for best performance
  • Sophisticated tools that make routing easier and more efficient
  • Achieved 80% approval rates for high regulated markets
  • Avoid transaction declines
  • Automatically reroutes customer to alternative solutions when necessary
  • Reveal certain merchant accounts to a particular customer profile
  • Route transactions automatically onto other merchant accounts when limits have been reached


Risk Management Tools

  • Reduce costs associated with payment acceptance
  • Manage and analyze customer data to verify transactions and eliminate fraud
  • Includes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which ensures strong privacy and data protection by encrypting the channel of communication with 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Provides data scrubbing in order to reduce overall transactions costs
  • Constantly adapting the software to meet the industry’s demands
  • Tools to put you in control and block out those targeting your business and processors


Easy Payouts

  • Centralize all current and existing payouts with tailor-made payment solutions
  • Integrate all payment methods from numerous companies into one full service software, in turn avoiding numerous back offices
  • Create personalized tariff schemes
  • Multicurrency payment processing
  • Unlimited number of transactions and automatic payouts
  • Conduct payouts efficiently using a variety of payment instruments such as bankcards, bank transfers, payment systems, and more


Centralized Reporting

  • Full access to reports and statistics via simple interface
  • Overview of one or numerous businesses onto a single platform
  • Measure of approval rates to ensure proper optimization
  • Track success of all used processors
  • Customer data remains on your site under your control 24/7